Shift Psych Mascots

Georgie is a Senegal parrot who you will often see around our Edmonton shop on 124th Street. Her vocabulary is growing as she matures and she has quite the attitude as well!

Hand reared Senegal parrots are one of the most popular parrots to be kept as pets, and the most popular Poicephalus parrot. Their calls are generally high pitched whistles and squawks along with mimics, but they are not as noisy as many other parrot species. They make for a good companion and are quite friendly compared to other parrot species. Senegal parrots are independent at times, needing a very fair amount of sleep during the day. Keeping two as pets can very well aid the parrots social and physical health as they have a companion.

Please note that neither Georgie nor Andrea have completed their certification to provide animal assisted interventions, so Georgie’s current presence at Shift is better viewed as Shift’s living, breathing mascot. She is very important to Andrea and thus very important to Shift and all those that can enjoy her!

If you would like to meet Georgie and have her in your session, she is in the office with Andrea most days in Therapy. If you do not like birds, perhaps we have a better fit for you with a therapist other than Andrea.

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